What Your Child Needs to Know to be Ready For Kindergarten

Time and again teachers, parents, and school directors worry and complain about how they are all not on the same page as it pertains to readiness for school.  Most understand that socialization, colors, shapes, and letters are important for children to be exposed to.  That said, there are other aspects of a child's social emotional development that if they are not helped and taken care of by the time they go to their first day of kindergarten, will contribute to bumps in the school age years.  When choosing a pre-school, extra-curricular activities, or home activities make sure that you are thinking about teaching and guiding children into building these qualities of their social emotional development:

1.       Balancing attachment/relationship with their parent and autonomy from parent.

2.       Understanding and recognition of values and standards of parent/school.

3.       Being able to settle their emotional states more times than not (doing this 100% of the time does not happen until early adulthood.)

4.       Ability to imagine and anticipate consequences of their behavior.

If the summer before their kindergarten year they are displaying these qualities, your child is ready for the many new tasks and expectation of their first year in elementary school.