Our Vision

An amazing world with happy families

Our Mission

To change the world one family at a time

We believe in fitting our expertise into the family, rather than the family fitting into us.
— Lina Acosta Sandaal, Founder

Mission Statement

We at Stop Parenting Alone are a team of kind, compassionate, open-minded, and knowledgeable professionals.  We are about parenting and supporting families in listening to their inner voices and strengthening their ability to make good choices for their children. We use the information and research in attachment theory, interpersonal neurobiology, Child-Parent Psychotherapy and real life parenting experiences with the goal in mind that each family find their authenticity and become their truest selves.  We are also therapists and we enrich the lives of our clients by assisting in self-discovery, encouraging them to attain the change desired, and creating the space to explore their roles as individuals, partners, and parents.

Our clients are diverse and multifaceted families, children, adolescents and individuals that are attempting to be present and intentional in their daily interactions with one another and their community.  Our parents seek out and join the community that it takes to raise a well-rounded citizen of the world.  What sets us apart from other forms of parenting and therapeutic help is our belief that with the right information, parents and individuals always make the right choices for their children and themselves.  Most importantly, we don’t want parents to be out in the world feeling like they are not doing a good job at the one thing which is most important to them.  We empower families to really find for themselves what fits.  And when you ask a parent &/or an individual, “What fits?  What works in your house?” They can always tell you. Each family is autonomous and we respect that by fitting our expertise to the family, rather than the family having to fit into our expertise. 


Thank you...from the bottom of my heart. Words couldn’t completely articulate how grateful I am for your help.
— Martha

The Culture of Stop Parenting Alone


1. Security/Safety

We will create an environment where families feel safe and secure, in order to allow them to share their most authentic thoughts and feelings without feeling judged.

2.  Compassion and Kindness

We will be compassionate to all who seek assistance and be a model of kindness to our clients, our co-workers, and to ourselves.

3. Emotional Well-being

We can and will assist clients in fostering their emotional-well being, even when the journey proves to be difficult.

4. knowledge/love of learning

We commit to continue working on and building our knowledge and maintain a love for learning so those that come in contact with us can benefit and be better served by us.

5. patience

We practice patience in times of stress, struggle and calamity.

6. integrity

We will have integrity and consistency in our actions, words, and interactions with all those we encounter and with whom we participate.