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FB Live Meet our Friends: Kari Caldwell!

Join us on our FB Page June 4th at 7:30pm as our #bosslady Lina Acosta Sandaal, MA, LMFT and Kari Caldwell if Soul Binge chat about all the awesome services Kari brings to our space.

Here is a bit about Kari in her own words:

I’m Kari Caldwell, a mamma, wife, clear channel, soul purpose & akashic guide, and Priestess of the Divine Feminine. And I’m committed to helping leaders, whether parents or coaches, invoke their soul purpose and develop their intuition in order to live stress free prosperous lives.

I deeply understand the challenge of nourishing our own and our families lives in a non-focused and time-starved society.Since I was sixteen, I’ve endeavored to heal my chronic migraines and along the way manage all of the related symptoms, including excessive weight gain and depression. For decades I was stuck balancing the taxing side effects of medications with the debilitating consequences of living a drug free life! On the outside my life was full of apparent successes and happiness, but on the inside was fraught with the insecurity of not believing I could ever care for myself or have enough energy to keep up with my growing family of three boys! Every day I was exhausted and worn down and terrified of when the next migraine might take me out of commission. Talk about a stressful repeating pattern.

My migraines taught me to make stress management a top priority. With the increasing pressure of running a successful real estate business and three young kids my stress management skills was severely compromised.

Over the years I believed there had to be a miraculous cure, or diet or trigger that was the root of my problems. But instead of a “magic pill”, I discovered a new perspective; an energetic perspective. I discovered meditation. Meditation enabled me to observe my life in a powerful new light! Through meditation I learned that my energy body is the underlying mechanism that guides us to new levels of success! When it is stuck, our life gets stuck.

Hailing from a corporate analyst, logic-oriented-background, I struggled to understand the relevance and reality of meditation and energy medicine. However, to my great surprise, within one session I immediately recognized profound results; my “foggy brain” was gone, the pressure of my responsibilities was transformed and no longer “all consuming” my thoughts. But most importantly, I experienced a new found connection and freedom for play and laughter with her kids!

I am committed to sharing these perspectives to help you find your own unique, much-needed focus and clarity. Applying my systemized analytical mindset, to the often abstract, imposing concepts of energy, I'll help you discover your unique path.