Little Ones

August 06, 2019

August 06, 2019

Managing a child's discomfort and fear around trying something new, like camp and/or after-school activities

  • Understanding the reasons why a preschooler hits or avoids direction

  • How to handle sleep with a toddler while traveling to a different time zone

  • Helping a child who says scary or inappropriate things to others when they are mad or disappointed

July 02, 2019

July 02, 2019

Managing challenging behavior when a child is feeling jealous

  • Helping a child understand what quiet time means to a child

  • How to head back to work when you have a toddler at home

  • How to help a child learn to accept their new sibling

  • How to choose a preschool for your child

  • Managing your feelings when your child chooses the other parent instead of you

June 04, 2019

June 04, 2019

What are the biggest mistakes that parents make that "mess up" children?

  • How to help a preschooler with sibling issues of power struggles?

  • Managing a 3 year old questions about their adoption

  • How to help your child deal with loss and frustration?

  • Managing the competition between siblings

  • Handling a child who has large reactive emotional explosions

May 28, 2019

May 28, 2019

Managing the vacation time with a preschooler

  • What do we do if the school won’t change the nap schedule for our 4 year old

  • How do you push the nap so they lose it

  • When do you take the nap/bedtime diaper off

  • How do you help a child build their manners, especially learning to say please and thank you

  • Managing when siblings get loud when they play together

May 21, 2019

May 21, 2019

How to model setting boundaries for your children

  • Managing siblings when they hit each other

  • The best way to get a preschooler/toddler to follow direction

  • Helping a child understand how he is being seen by other's when they make mistakes or "over react" to social situations

  • Defining what it means to seek revenge to a child

  • Managing a preschooler's curiosity around private parts their own and others

April 16, 2019

April 16, 2019

Managing a toddler being a picky eater

  • Multiple questions on how to manage a child who only poops in a diaper

  • How to transition a 4 year old to a new school

  • Helping a school age child manage their emotional outbursts and lack of impulse control

  • What do you do when you school age child is acting more flirty and repeating a theme of romantic relationship

  • What do you say to a 5 year old when they ask you "how did the baby get in the stomach"?

April 09, 2019

April 09, 2019

What to do when your preschooler is hitting and being aggressive with friends

  • How to handle a toddler that keeps getting up from their toddler bed

  • What is the best way to reduce screaming in the family

  • Handling child's fears at night and how they manage their anxiety

  • Managing the visitation schedule in the case of divorce with young children

  • What’s the best way to get a school age child to follow the morning routine