December 04, 2018

December 04, 2018

How to help a goal oriented one year old follow a rule

  • Helping a toddler follow the rules even when you're not around and/or looking

  • Helping a toddler eat different snacks than their friends

  • Managing one parent traveling often with school age children

  • What to do when your child confronts you about a boundary you've set

  • How to respond when a child tells you someone in the family called them fat

November 6, 2018

November 6, 2018

How many times most you repeat a prompt to a toddler until they follow direction

  • A twelve year old is melting done once a month what may be going on

  • How do you help a child make decision

  • How to help young siblings play together without hurting each other

  • How to manage young children when parents separate

  • Managing the "sassy" attitude of a 1st grader

  • What to do when we get into a habit of screaming to our children

October 30, 2018

October 30, 2018

What's the best way to manage the tantrums of a 3 year old

  • How to help a child manage and tell others when to hug and kiss him

  • The way to help your child when they are having a hard time at a park with another child

  • Helping a toddler deal with parents separation/divorce

  • How to figure out when to set boundaries with a toddler that tantrums

  • Ways to make sure your Kindergartener eats their lunch at school

October 2, 2018

October 2, 2018

13 month old showing fear and crying when he is not with a caregiver

  • 3.5-4 y.o. rejecting nanny and parents wants to know what to do

  • How important is school for a three year old?

  • Getting a school age child to study for tests

  • How to handle a kindergartener's melt down in the car?

  • What do you do if your 2nd grader is having a hard time with a friend?