Research has now linked children’s social emotional skills with academic success, our mental health consultation services assists schools, teachers and parents to learn and implement curriculum, daily activities and discipline that increments the student’s social emotional skills.  

Year Round Mental Health Consultation and Services:

Our mental health consultation services includes: weekly visits by a therapist to the classroom, one-on-one sessions with students, teacher guidance and planning as it pertains to social emotional development, guidance for directors as it pertains to social emotional learning, and psychotherapy sessions at your school campus  

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Teacher & Staff Professional Development:

Cost $500-700/session – most sessions 1.5 hours long

Series cost $3000 – can be presented as a retreat &/or monthly

Topics include:

  • Attachment Theory in the Classroom: How Parents’ relationships with their children affect classroom life

  • Temperament and Personality as it Pertains to the Classroom

  • Enhancing Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom

  • Handling Challenging Behavior in the Classroom

  • Social-Emotional Development as it Pertains to School

  • Obtaining and Maintaining Parent Engagement

Parent Talks and Series:

Cost $500-700/session for an 1.5 hour talk

Series Cost $2500 -choose five talks (ask us for our comprehensive list)

  • Topics include but are not limited to (please ask for the complete list of parent talks):

  • Transitions: Helping your Child and Family Adjust to School

  • Parenting the Personality your Child Was Born With: A Discussion on Temperament

  • Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child

  • Journey Through Development as it Pertains to their Time in School

  • Dual Language Learners & your Bi-Cultural Child

  • Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Adolescent Brain

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