Teacher & Staff Professional Development:

Cost $500/session – most sessions 1.5 hours long

Series cost $2400 – can be presented as a retreat &/or monthly

Topics include:

  • Attachment Theory in the Classroom: How Parents’ relationships with their children affect classroom life
  • Temperament and Personality as it Pertains to the Classroom
  • Enhancing Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom
  • Handling Challenging Behavior in the Classroom
  • Social-Emotional Development from Infancy to Adolescence
  • Obtaining and Maintaining Parent Engagement

Year Round Mental Health Consultation and Services:

Includes: weekly visits by a therapist to the classroom, one-on-one sessions with students, teacher guidance and planning as it pertains to social emotional development, annual evaluations to set a baseline for developmental goals and markers.  Budget to be prepared based on needs and size of school.

Parent Talks and Series:

Cost $500/session for an 1.5 hour talk

Series Cost $2000 -choose five talks (ask us for our comprehensive list)

  • Topics include but are not limited to (please ask for the complete list of parent talks):
  • Transitions: Helping your Child and Family Adjust to School
  • Parenting the Personality your Child Was Born With: A Discussion on Temperament
  • Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child
  • Journey Through Development as it Pertains to their Time in School
  • Dual Language Learners & your Bi-Cultural Child
  • Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Adolescent Brain

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