What do I do when my in-laws give my children toys I disagree with?


I have a question about presents. We are at my in-laws, and I just put the presents for tomorrow and they also put out their presents for my daughters, 1 type of Barbie for each I am having a very hard time accepting this because my girls don't have yet any Barbie, I don't like the doll or any type of princess. I want to see a good side about this dolls.. I don't want to be rude and just take away the dolls. I also don't think my husband would like that 😩😩. Thanks in advance.


This is one of those cases where an external source introduces a different value to your children. As they continue to grow, this will happen more often. This is true of Barbie or the buddy at school that tells your child about "The Walking Dead"; make sure to be the greater influence about the subject. Barbie can be like any other doll that they can use to make believe. The Barbie does not need to be described or seen as a "beauty" object. She can become part of how they play family, school, teacher. When they open the toy, play with them and observe what themes they place upon the dolls. You will be surprised by how they use them and how you will see them play out their day-to-day and your values instead of those of the external world. You don't need to get the Barbie dream house or the clothes. They can just be dolls your girls play "real life" with.