My children are always competing and fighting, what do I do?


I would like to ask you for some advice on how to handle the "celos o competencia" (sibling rivalry). My almost 4-year-old is trying to compete with my 2-year-old in certain moments, like when we ask the little one to show or try something new she goes first and say " I can do that too." I know you know what I mean, I don't want to stop her from showing off, but I also want to give the little one the opportunity to show or try doing things. Any advice? I am telling my 4 years old that I know that she can do such things, but we have to give the her sister the chance. Thanks in advance!


Oh yes siblings, you are actually answering correctly. In the moment be quick and clear, Say something like "Yes, you can and you've done it for a while so well. Right now we are letting your sister do it for the first time. Let's watch and cheer her on." Your four-year-old is dealing with jealousy and attempting to connect when she feels disconnected. So telling her let's watch your sister together gives her the opportunity to join in with the family at cheering her sister on. Also in moments when your 4-year-old is doing something new, which is usually less than a 2-year-old, describe her and how she is doing something new. It takes time. It is hard on little ones to share mommy and daddy.