My daughter acts up and looses control around company! What to do?


Generally my daughter is a good listener. She'll be two next month. However, if she's super excited and stimulated (like having a friend over for a play date) all listening skills go out the window. Today I had her sit in the chair and calm down while her friend continued playing, but as soon as she was "calm" and I let her go she was a crazy lady, running around again. This happened like 29 times :/ it was embarrassing because I felt like the other mom thought I couldn't control my daughter, but in reality she was just so excited to have her friend over and share her toys she just couldn't process all the excitement! What should I do?


She is getting overwhelmed with emotion. Adorable and difficult...get close to her, put your hands on her shoulders or/& give any type of physical input and as calmly as possible begin to narrate her experience. Something like "you are so excited and happy that you feel it from your head to your toes. Breathe and say I'm happy and let's try to calm your body down." The key is the physical contact with her. Also, when you narrate for her, anyone that's around her will understand what is happening. Repeat and Remind. The goal is for her to say she is excited from head to toe and help herself and that will take some time. If she is going to school give this intervention and definition to her teachers.