Do children masturbate?


Hi! Something similar is happening with my kiddos (almost 4 and 5 1/2) they are constantly showing each other's "pipi"...and sometimes touching it! I've told them that's private and nobody should touch it. 
But my 5 1/2 boy is constantly touching himself....could be ?????????? (I can't bring myself to say it!!!! - the M word!). How do I even bring up what he is doing??? If he is indeed doing that! What should we say? Should Mom have a talk or Dad?


Children can masturbate as early as 1.. The penis and the clitoris work from the moment we are born, sans the orgasm, just the lovely tickle ;-). Most children who discover it use it to calm down or focus. They also may use it to soothe themselves.Treat it like you treat farts, picking your nose, etc. Also think about what your religious and family's values are around masturbation because that is what you need to share as well. The parent who needs to have the conversation is the one that can be matter of fact about the information so as not to create taboo or curiosity due to a parent's cryptic response