Can my daughter be too good? Does she play with me too much?


My 2 1/2 year old is super obedient; she never seems to need time to "decompress."  Should I be worried? And she doesn't want to play by herself whenever I am around, not even in the park. She always wants me to be part of her play. Is that normal? 


Count your blessings on her being obedient and easy. Sounds like your little one has a slow to warm temperament. These little ones typically get labeled as shy/fearful but actually they are the type of person that needs time to observe their environment, take it in, and then engage with it. When they are toddlers they tend to stay close to their secure base to maintain their sense of security. The "decompressing" that you heard on the call was more for older children who come back from school and need time to settle into home before getting back into "homework"; so not the time to think about this with your toddler. Playing with you is normal. You can begin to tell her that "Mami, needs to cook, clean up, read a book" and that you will be near by if she needs you...BUT...if you are okay with playing with her then go right ahead. Concern comes if she cries for long amounts of time (20 minutes or more) when you leave her or if she is unwilling to join in with children her age once you have given her time to adjust to a new situation (approx. 10 minutes). If that is the case, then she is showing signs of anxiety.