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FB Live Meet our Friends: Adrianna Foster!

Join our #bosslady Lina Acosta Sandaal as she sits down for a chat on our FB Live with Adrianna Foster on Tuesday, June 18th at 7:30pm. Lina and Adrianna will be discussing the services she is now offering at our space. Here is a bit about Adrianna...

Adrianna Foster is all about empowering communities and individuals to believe in their potential and their intrinsic value. It is this focused message that inspired her to create the “REBIRTH Experience,” a unique movement that merges Music with Personal Development

through workshops, seminars, retreats and live concerts. She has eight years of experience in personal development, hypnosis and astrology practicing privately in Miami. She’s had tremendous success working with individuals struggling to overcome major life transitions. In her practice, she focuses on emotional catalysts to allow individuals to recognize their worth and reclaim their innate power. Using her own method, she teaches her clients to transform their pain and chaos into growth tools that will ultimately empower their lives.

Adrianna Foster is the founder of LOUD Women Program, masterclasses specifically designed to guide young women ages 14 to 24 towards a healthy personal development, providing a space that will allow them to define their identity with authenticity and power as well as gain knowledge about their minds, bodies and emotions.