Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child

  • Light Up Learning 9301 Southwest 56th Street Miami, FL, 33165 United States

Emotional intelligence is a child’s ability to perceive, understand, and effectively manage their own feelings; to read subtle cues; and relate empathically to the feelings of others. Emotional Intelligence leads to greater mental health, better academic and professional functioning, excellent social functioning, better physical health and greater personal happiness. It is learned, and you as the parent are your child’s first teacher.  

In this 60-minute workshop we will accomplish the following:

·         Define emotional intelligence

·         Explain how to help your child build emotional intelligence in the day to day

·         Draw on your own parental expertise and style, and guide you in nurturing your child’s ability to make connections between their thoughts and feelings.

·         Provide ample time for Q & A that addresses the specific needs of the attendees.